Pirate Pops Turned 60

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Two weekends ago we carved out some time to celebrate a special milestone! Our Pops' 60th Birthday! We spent 4 days over at Hammock Beach! Pool, Beach, Golf, family and lots of good food and drinks! We had a blast reminiscing about good times and making some great new memories. Although it doesn't happen as frequently as it should, it's always a blast when the Hogan-Elliott-Bench Brood get together!

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Baby's Favorites {15-18 Months}

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Do It For Dayton - March for Babies 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

This weekend was March for Babies and Team Do It For Dayton showed up in full force! We had a large group of almost 25 who came and showed there support of the March of Dimes and our families effort to help end prematurity! We are so excited about what the March of Dimes does for ALL babies and are honored to have been selected as the 2017 Tallahassee Ambassador Family! We look forward to what the coming year has in store as we continue to give do our part in giving ALL babies a fighting chance at life!

If you didn't get a chance to join our team this year, you can follow the link at the top of the blog and join us for next year!

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Pre-March Weerk 2016

The week leading up to March for Babies was full of fun and really got us geared up for the fun weekend ahead! I love my MOD family and all the wonderful people I've met along this journey!

Monday morning started bright and early, at the Cumulus Radio station! Myself and other fabulous family team captains went on air to talk about the mission of the March of Dimes and the upcoming March for Babies!

 photo IMG_3473_zpso4arados.jpg

Tuesday evening one the MOD Community Partners, Clothesline, was having their 35th anniversary celebration! Dayton and I were able to swing by for an hour or so! It was an awesome celebration and we even got to learn how to screen print our own shirts! Yummy food, live music and lots of friendly faces, made for an exciting way to end an otherwise boring Tuesday!

 photo March for Babies 20162_zpsygfnkilj.jpg

Mid-week we stopped by Publix to pass our goodies and thank their staff for all they do to help support March for Babies! Publix is a wonderful national sponsor and we are so thankful for all they do! 

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Thursday was BANK DAY! So many family teams stopped by to drop off donations, pick up there incentive t-shirts and get all the details about Saturday's walk! Ambassador Mom, Ericka and I had a great time helping out and counting all that money! Over $30k dollars were turned in that day alone! I love seeing all the support in our community to help give ALL babies a fighting chance.

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In other March for Babies news, Sweet Bay Society generously donated one of their beautiful necklaces to be raffled off to one of the Do It For Dayton supporters! Her necklaces are awesomely beautiful and we were so thankful that her generosity helped up raise over $900 in just 48 hours!! Ultimately, my sweet sister in NC won the necklace! 

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Hippity Hoppity - Easter 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter has always been my most favorite holiday and this year didn't disappoint!

We kicked off our Easter festivities with dying eggs! Dayton had a blast with his cousin Leighton and did a super job as a first year egg dyer! Making these memories with our little buddy was well worth all of us having rainbow colored fingers for a few days! We finished out the week before Easter with D's school party! Those things are always pretty comical. Lots of sugar, crying and crazy toddlers and two teachers who are smart enough to send them home after they've had their fill of cookies, cake and candy!

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 photo IMG_1692_zpsz9rx8qr5.jpg

The day before Easter we had plans to hunt some Easter eggs, but when we woke to thunderstorms, we decided to make a trip to visit the Easter Bunny with our buddy Gunnar and his mama, Katie! 

 photo IMG_1793_zps0bv7prld.jpg

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Easter morning brought lots of fun! Before heading to church, Dayton's got to dig into the goodies the Easter Bunny left for him! Yes, he was most excited about the plastic eggs.

After church we joined family and friends at the golf club for a wonderful brunch and another visit from the Bunny! It was still too rainly to be outside so we settled for afternoon naps in lieu of an egg hunt! It was a great day and we were certainly counting our many blessings!

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