Life with a Toddler

Friday, March 11, 2016

As exhausting as this toddler stage is proving to be, we are seriously loving every minute of it. There is just something so special about watching your baby grow into a little kid and with that, develop his own unique personality.

When people ask me how he is doing, my only answer is, he's all boy. Curious. Playful. Energetic. Dirty. Mischievous. All of it. He's a climber. A runner (the kid won't walk, I swear!). An adventurer. A mess maker. And, OMG, does he love to be outside. That's all I wills say for now, as I have a full 18 month update is coming soon but until then I'll share a few snapshots of our life these days.

Let them be little.

 photo IMG_0312_zps4gqcyyfx.jpg

 photo IMG_0047_zpsl4oie9wg.jpg

 photo IMG_0420_zpskmecyhmz.jpg

 photo IMG_0476_zpsmnhwcbyf.jpg

 photo IMG_0870_zps5aluhw5k.jpg

 photo IMG_0569_zpsubmfkugk.jpg

 photo IMG_0576_zpsgh3fqqc3.jpg

 photo IMG_0599_zps90bomzbr.jpg

 photo IMG_0650_zpsvck8hmfi.jpg

 photo IMG_0750_zpsmgjalwh0.jpg

 photo IMG_0754_zpsfjujgnol.jpg

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