Our Week Sneak Peak

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Wednesday! A few random musings and a sneak peak into our week!

Feelin' the Love!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so naturally we had to spread the love around the house! We finally had a mantel & dining room shelves installed back in December (thank you to Georgia Jane's Reclaimed Wood) and it's been fun having the extra areas to decorate.

 photo LTVE9968_zpslcubgz74.jpg

Our Fav Tee Shops!
I get asked a lot about Dayton's T-shirts and where I get them from, so I thought I would share some of my favorite shops!

 photo 66abdd53-4a09-4fcf-a4b4-38dd01e86645_zps608mugxp.jpg  photo a48f11f3-7b35-4b46-bab0-9ddf4f04d93f_zpsl0ryz2pz.jpg  photo 3a01faec-c604-4738-b6c2-f2c0d7ca2742_zpswdhrsc6z.jpg  photo 05043d58-d837-4b54-9ca9-06130bf79732_zps6sekirjl.jpg  photo e5932a4c-72ed-470e-95b3-29b95a01eae7_zps3bluzh2y.jpg
The PB Everywhere Chair!
I finally caved and bought Dayton an Everywhere Chair. I've been waiting until I either had a PB coupon or they went on sale & it both happened last week! Perfect timing because I realized that Dayton has started trying to climb on the chairs and the sofa, I knew it was time to get him is own! Shipping was super fast and of course, I can see why everyone loves these - they are so well made. Now, if I can some how teach him it's not for jumping....

 photo fa168ace-8140-49ce-941a-acc07db2d9b1_zpsdwdblcsv.jpg  photo 7d873885-5ca9-45dd-b5fa-98b8069e0590_zps33cny8xw.jpg

Come fly with me!
Dayton and I are flying to Orlando on Friday! It'll be Dayton's first flight and while I am a little nervous, I am thankful it's such a short flight. Hopefully things go smoothly for both of us. I plan to load up on snacks and pack a new fun (quiet/soft) toy, however, I am well aware that everything and everyone else will be far more interesting. 1 hour 15 minutes....we got this!

 photo Flightess_zpsyeqgk9mp.jpg

Knox is on the way!
My new nephew, Knox Parker, will be arriving any day now (finger's crossed he waits until we're back in town)! He's due the 7th, but it's looking like he may be here a few days early. We are so excited to meet the new baby boy of the family!

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