Pumpkin Picking

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is it just me or are life's simple moments just so much better with a little one?
In fact, everything about life is so much better that I often wonder how the heck we really lived before him.

We've been doing our best to soak up every minute of this fun season. From football Saturdays to cool mornings just lounging around the house, to doing all the ceremonious things like fall festivals and pumpkin picking, we are trying to squeeze it all in before the holidays hit and we are busier than we should be.

This past weekend we visited the pumpkin patch and picked out the best ones we could find! We plan to carve them one night soon so they are ready to light on All Hallow's Eve!

Speaking of Halloween, this little dude's costume should arrive today. Fingers crossed that it fits and that he will actually wear it!

Cheers to making sweet memories.

P.S. Can we talk about how much by sweet boy has grown since last year? He was JUST home from the NICU and a mere 5lbs. I am constantly reminder how good our God is.

 photo 12088130_10156203708455694_584770312727294134_n_zpsi83wuv97.jpg

 photo 12112284_10156203708470694_8208242924480451755_n_zpsmambrsi0.jpg

 photo 12140806_10156203708735694_6375904261429784089_n_zpssbv12mmd.jpg

 photo 12140819_10156203708845694_2255364056974079248_n_zpsj9u92oio.jpg

 photo 12143289_10156203708920694_9126688972896769547_n_zpszdhvbkfm.jpg

 photo 12119035_10156203708645694_3000853061355279110_n_zpslgp5gpqw.jpg

 photo 12115994_10156203708595694_2768177505009781288_n_zpsnwrtbjec.jpg

 photo 12109307_10156203708945694_2522912687982392442_n_zpsiokugyzo.jpg

 photo 12074531_10156203708820694_4636930239443627212_n_zpscrbphkfs.jpg

 photo 12079663_10156203708710694_7856486581541126198_n_zpsoaituv84.jpg

 photo 12096215_10156203709040694_5021625355077095188_n_zpsffwll26a.jpg

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