Pool Daze

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The pool in our neighborhood opened back in April and we had yet to take advantage so the weekend before last, we broke out our swimsuits, sunscreen and sun hats for a quick trip to the pool!

 photo unnamed 3_zpscf4olqox.jpg

 photo IMG_0063_zps4kgkcgit.jpg

 photo IMG_1477_zpss3qetuec.jpg

 photo IMG_1474_zpstqjaqyw5.jpg

We were very surprised that it wasn't crowded (it was a slightly chillier morning) but I must say, it was nice to basically have the whole place to ourselves! Leighton made fast friends with a little girl and they played and splashed in the baby pool together! Both of them were a little sad when we told them it was time to pack up and head home for lunch (and naps!).

 photo IMG_1498_zps0bx2noaw.jpg

It was the big man's first pool trip and he hung out in his stroller and enjoyed a bottle and a brief nap! We let him dip his little pudgy toes in the water, but it was still too chilly to get in! If we keep having some warm days like we have been, the water will be the perfect temperature in no time! 

 photo IMG_1481_zpsjtl30hme.jpg

 photo IMG_1495_zps10wllbpj.jpg


  1. Where did you get that adorable blue hat? I wonder if they make them for toddlers? Way cute pictures!!

    1. Hey there! The hat is is the brand iPlay - I got it on amazon and have also seen them at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us! I am not sure how big the sizes go up to :) Hope that helps!!


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