Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We had an wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I don't know what was better, the company, the weather, the cold drinks, the fun music or having this guy along for the ride, but regardless, life was pretty darn awesome this weekend!

We packed up and headed to the beach on Friday morning and to say we were all ready to get the weekend started would be an understatement. 

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We arrived at the beach house around 11am, got settled in and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. Linday, Jason and Leighton greeted us and Marcus, Erica and Payton arrived a few hours after us! While we unpacked, the kids played on the back porch before we hit the beach for a few hours. 

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Saturday morning, the littles all woke up early and were ready to hit the sand, so after getting everyone fed, dressed and sun-screened up, we hit the beach for the majority of the day! D is still a little too young to really enjoy playing at the beach, but he loved the water and hey, as long as Sophie was there, he is pretty content.

Leighton & Payton splashed and played their little hearts out before we headed inside for lunch, naps and a little down time.

After naps, we played on the beach some more before getting cleaned up for dinner. After a yummu dinner, the entire each lost power. Since getting the girls in bed wasn't going to happen until the power was on (night lights, sound machine, etc.)  they were entertained by the ipad, while Lindsay, Erica and I took a walk down to the dock. The beach is so beautiful at sunset. Once the power was restored, and all the kiddos were tucked in and sleeping, the adults played Cards Against Humanity before calling it a night! That game is hilarious and so much fun to play with friends. 

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We knew Sunday might be our last full day at the beach so we started it early and with cupcakes for breakfast! They'd been eyeing them all weekend and were over the moon excited. 

After breakfast we hit the beach and spent the majority of the day in the water, only coming in for naps and lunch! It was a great day and by that night we were all exhausted but we all managed to rally and squeeze in another round of Cards Against Humanity before heading to bed. 

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Since Monday was Memorial Day and all the kiddos were dressed in their red, white & blue, we snapped a few picks before wrapping up the weekend and heading home! We were all exhausted but our hearts sure were full after 4 days of fun in the sun with family!

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"Live in sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air."-Emerson

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