Monday, May 11, 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend and an extra special Mother's Day!

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We spent the weekend with my family at St. Teresa Beach. The weather was spectacular and the food, laughter and company were equally as great.

We arrived Friday afternoon and after getting settled in and spending some time on the beach, Jason and I made dinner for everyone. We went with a Mexican theme and made homemade Mexican rice, chicken fajitas, cowboy cavier & chips, and skillet cilantro lime shrimp. Everything turned out so yummy and was the perfect beach meal.

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The follow morning, we were up early, had a great pancake breakfast and then hit the beach! With two little ones in the group we spent the day back and forth from the beach to the house for naps, snacks, lunch, cooler refills & toys. The guys fished off and on and the girls relaxed in the water....it was a perfect.

Leighton is a great age and is so helpful with Baby D! She loves to feed him, change him and let me know when he "needs" something. She is so sweet with him.

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Dayton and I made a quick trip down the beach to visit some friends before it was time to shower and clean up for dinner. My parents made a wonderful dinner that night! The grilled grouper was amazing!

After dinner we put the kids to bed and played a competitive game of Trivial Pursuit. Lots of laughter & drinks were shared and of course, the Bench family won!

Sunday was Mother's Day and another sun-filled day on the beach. We spent the majority of the day in the water, until it was time to pack up and head home. I tried to snap a few pictures of Leighton and Dayton together on teh beach, but she was over it and he was too busy eating sand!

 photo 11255197_10206833258450402_4963905857849245066_n_zpspb6rphbf.jpg

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 photo IMG_1521_zpsvromafcd.jpg

 photo IMG_1520_zpsh6ht0qyi.jpg

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Love those beach babies!! I am hopeful that we will have many more weekends like this in the next few months because days like this are exactly how a summer should be spent!

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