Five on Friday

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Friday and it's been a while since I posted about our fun happenings so, here ya go...Five on Friday!

1. Jason and Dayton had a quick Daddy/Son Photo shoot downtown earlier this week and since we were out and about we decided to have a quick drink and an appetizer on the patio of one the restaurants in the area. Dayton loves being outside and did so great at the restaurant despite it being past his bedtime.

 photo unnamed 1_zpsxn0xocfk.jpg  photo unnamed_zpsuksdhlzk.jpg

2. We are heading to the beach today and I we can't wait to get our toes in the sand. It will be D's first time at the beach, so here's to hoping he enjoys it! He did great at the pool last weekend and loved all the sights and sounds! Sweet boy.

 photo unnamed 3_zpscf4olqox.jpg

 3. We have an almost-independent sitter! D can sit unassisted for a good while now. He still gets a little off balance if he looks to far up or leans to one side of the other but he is doing so good and we know it wont be long before he is totally able to sit on his own without someone close by to catch him when he falls! :)

 photo IMG_0017_zpsfrhij40d.jpg

4. Teething sucks ya'll! I know, I know, I am am probably preaching to the choir and duh! it was bound to horrible, but geeeeez has the last week been rough! Needless to say, we go no where without Sophie. Some call her Sophie the Giraffe, I call her Sophie the Life Saver. Two teeth should be making an appearance very soon....hopefully.

 photo unnamed 5_zpsbd8wlzyf.jpg

5. Mother's Day is Sunday and I am looking forward to a relaxing day at the beach with my boys! I thank God every single day that they are mine. My journey to motherhood and the last 9 months has been quite the adventure, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This little boy is the light of my life and I love him more than words could describe.

 photo IMG_1409_zps84vafpfx.jpg

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