D's Hospital Stay {Part 1}

Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's been a tiring past two weeks and we are we enjoying a quiet weekend around the house. If you follow me on instagram, you might know that Dayton recently spent 9 days in the hospital. Since so many people were praying for our little guy I thought I would share what's landed him in the hospital to begin with, what we experienced and how he is doing now.

Right after Dayton started day care back in January (as to be expected) Dayton got sick with a what we thought was a common cold or mild virus. We saw his pediatrician, started some antibiotics and a few days later things were back to normal, with the exception of a dry cough that seems to linger for a while.

Over the following weeks he cough got worse. We were seen in urgent care (both in Tallahassee and Orlando - both times received a clean bill of health), the Emergency Room (treated for a bacterial infection as a precaution because they were unable to identify a cause of his cough and, at the time, high fever-clear chest xray, no RSV/Flu and no wheezing), and by his pediatrician multiple times. All of these times, his lungs sounded clear so we left with no answers. Of course his cough persisted. We increased his reflux meds, ran a humidifier, tried any other home remedy we could find to help him get some relief. By now his cough was so bad, he was vomiting, not able to sleep at night, his eyes were red and puffy and he was overall miserable.  We were absolutely frustrated because there as nothing we could do even though we knew something was just not right.

Finally were referred to an allergist and where awaiting a our appointment.

Fast forward to the week of May 13th.

On Tuesday his day care called and asked us to come pick him up because he had projectile vomited twice, had multiple coughing episodes and his coloring looked "off" to them. They asked us to have a doctor see him before bringing him back. Honestly, we thought he was fine (he seemed and looked "normal" to us) but we reluctantly took him to his pediatrician that Wednesday. For the first time, his pediatrician said that his lungs sounded "junky" and that he was wheezing pretty badly. He prescribed a nebulizer for us to use at home until we could see the allergist.

Thankfully, we were able to get into the see the allergist the following day, as they had a cancellation. At that appointment the allergist noted that his lungs "sounded fine" and that based on the history of his cough he agreed that we should use the nebulizer and follow up with him in six weeks. We were now more frustrated than ever. How did his lungs sound so bad the day before and now they sounded "crystal clear"?? We quickly realized this must have been why at every appointment he was given a "all clear" check even though his symptoms never went away.

The following Sunday, we noticed that Dayton's chest was retracting pretty severely (because of the high risk of RSV and preemies, we were always told to look for retractions as a sign of distress) and that his cough had actually gotten worse. In my gut I knew he was having trouble breathing so we decided to take him to our hospital's urgent care. We were pretty sure they would just send us home with an antibiotic and tell us to follow up with our pediatrician the following day but regardless, we wanted peace of mind.

 photo 1_zps1mrpwylq.jpg

Dayton was tired and not happy about being there but they confirmed he was wheezing, that his lungs sounded bad and that he was in need of some inhaled steroids. They gave him two breathing treatments and when he made no improvement, the decided to admit him (for 24 hours) so they could monitor his oxygen levels and do a more complete evaluation. 

Since we were across town at urgent care, and they wanted to have access to oxygen and monitors, they transported us by ambulance to the hospital. 

 photo 2_zpstdk2jaqs.jpg

Once we got admitted, met with the doctor, discussed his history and did some preliminary exams and tests and finally got Dayton to sleep, his oxygen levels started dropping pretty significantly (they like to see it at 93 or higher) so they made the decision to put an oxygen canula on him. 

Since we haven't seen one of those since our NICU days, I must say it was very tough to see him like that. For me, that is when things started to feel more, for lack of a better description, critical. Since we had lived with his cough for so long and had been assured my multiple doctors that he was fine, until they put him on oxygen and I actually saw the oxygen levels myself, I was still didn't really believe anything was actually wrong. I was sure we'd be there for 24 hours and then head home. Boy was I wrong. 

 photo 3_zps5pr9y5xr.jpg

During those first few days in the hospital, he received breathing treatments every four hours, was on a constant monitor and on full oxygen while sleeping. (While he was awake he was able to keep his oxygen levels up), he was tested for pertussis (whooping cough) and a list of other respiratory viruses, had a chest xray and got to meet lots of nice nurses and doctors who were "sure" they knew what was going on. We quickly realized that everyone was guessing and know one could really give us a diagnosis. The talks about seeing a Pediatric Pulmonologist starting occurring more frequently when the doctors did their rounds. 

I will say that other than the nasty cough and low oxygen levels while sleeping, he otherwise seemed fine and was in a great mood. He never fussed, slept well, helped with his treatments :) and charmed everyone that came to see him. We did out best to keep him entertained since they couldn't release us until he no longer needed and oxygen. So thankful for a laid back baby who isn't afraid of anything. 

 photo 4_zps7qmwfea9.jpg

 photo 5 1_zps32bsqklx.jpg

 photo 5 4_zpsxvorr99y.jpg

 photo 5 5_zps7ug2kvvo.jpg

 photo 5 6_zps8hkm8ljk.jpg

 photo 6 5_zpskeztc8bf.jpg

 photo 6 6_zpsatwhj0a3.jpg

 photo 6 7_zpsb7p8bktc.jpg

 photo 6 1_zpsmqurs3rf.jpg

 photo 6 2_zpskyrvmboj.jpg  photo 6 3_zps5d7fkn2q.jpg  photo 6 4_zpsbofnnvix.jpg  photo 7_zpsqgytir2q.jpg

Tuesday night he finally made it through the while night with high(er) oxygen levels and when they did drop he was able to recover on his own so they made the decision to release us on Wednesday afternoon. Even though we were still waiting on the test results and he was still wheezing, we all felt confident that we could keep him home and monitor him ourselves. We also had an appointment to see his pediatrician the following morning.

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  1. Poor baby!! I hope they figure out what is wrong soon!


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