Dayton Wells || 8 Months

Monday, April 13, 2015

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  • Chronological Age: 8 Months
  • Adjusted Age: 5 Months 14 Days
  • Weight: 17lbs 2oz (15th percentile) 
  • Height/Length: 26" Long! (21st Percentile) He is almost a foot longer than he was when he was born!
  • Head Circumference: 60th Percentile
  • Size: He is wearing mostly 6 month clothes and some 9 months clothes. We just moved him into size 3 diapers. 
  • Eating: He is eating stage 1 and 2 baby food for both breakfast and lunch in addition to 5oz bottles of formula throughout the day. Breakfast is usually fruits and oatmeal and lunch is usual rice and veggies! He loves pears, apples, sweet potatoes and peas! We have been able determine that carrots don't settle well with him, so we steer clear of those. We are working on introducing the sippy cup at meal time. 
  • Sleeping: This kids loves to sleep! He is usually down for the night as early as 6pm and can sometimes make it to 6:30.  He is still sleeping until 6:30-7:30 each morning and still occasionally is up once a night for a bottle. 
  • Likes: He loves any toy that makes noise! He also still loves his bath, enjoys eating and loves to roll over.
  • Dislikes: Teething!
  • Milestones: Just after turning 7 months old, he rolled over for the first time from his back to his tummy! He also has discovered his feet (still trying to get them to his mouth), can sit unassisted for a minute or two at a time and has started making ba ba ba sounds! 
  • Other things that happened this month: We made a trip to Orlando, he moved from his infant carrier to a 3-1 booster seat, we celebrated his first Easter, he met meet his Aunt Sarah (all the way from LA) and had his first "class" picture taken! 
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  1. Oh what a little pumpkin! I can't believe how fast the time is going! He had a busy month :)


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