Baby Love

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nothing makes me happier than to be greeted by a happy baby boy, after a good long nap. (The longer the nap, the better, but these days we will take what we can get).

Sweet Boy, you're the happiest baby in all the land with the sweetest little soul and your big gummy smile kills me. Needless to say, you fill this mama's heart with love. Lots and lots of pure, simple baby love.

 photo IMG_0266_zpsl4znts17.jpg

You've recently started snuggling with me and while it only lasts a minute or two, I soak up every last second of it because, let's face it, I've been waiting for moments like that for so damn long. Maybe it's a preemie thing, but you typically like to have your space and find little comfort in being held close. Months ago, your daddy assured me that you'd come around and I would eventually get my baby snuggles in before you outgrow my lap and even though I hate to admit it, he was right.

 photo IMG_0263_zpsmurmeuzb.jpg

Speaking of your Daddy, you are absolutely smitten with him. I don't blame you. He is pretty great and man, does he adore you. He affectionately calls you "Buster" and your big blue eyes light up the second you hear his voice. If you could, you would spend all day talking to him. The little sounds you make when you get excited by his singing are just too darn cute. Sometimes, I get jealous of how much you two love each other but deep down, I know that I'm you're favorite.

 photo IMG_0275_zpszfmgvzuo.jpg

I swear, you are simply growing too fast.

 photo IMG_0279_zpsbu0emool.jpg

Somewhere between washing more bottles, changing another diaper and folding little sleepers with monster feet, you grew (and you just keep growing) and I am not sure how I feel about it. I guess I thought, considering your starting size, that you would be teeny tiny forever but you sir, apparently have different plans. From the second you got those sweet pouty lips on a bottle you've been a good eater and one thing is for sure, that milk sure has done you good. You're creeping up on 16lbs and have all the squish & cheeks to prove it.

 photo IMG_0251_zpsfkxzpitc.jpg

You're grabbing everything in sight these days. And by everything I specifically mean, those fine hairs on the back of my head. Yes, kiddo. That. Hurts. You've pulled two necklaces clean off my neck, yanked more earrings than I can count out of my ear and every single thing you can get your hands on goes directly in your mouth. This makes simple things, like changing your clothes or getting a bib on you, quite difficult. However, the little grunts you make when you get really excited about having something new to chew on? Those are a-freakin-dorable.

 photo IMG_0280_zpsi4vhhr1z.jpg

Sweet boy, I hope you never loose your sweet giggle and that big-ol-grin. I hope you always laugh at simple things like Daddy's singing or your Mama making "shhhhhhh" sounds and I hope life gives you more than enough reasons to keep on smiling.

 photo IMG_0290_zpsskfhk1xr.jpg

Scratch that, I hope you never laugh when your mama says "shhhh".

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