Dayton Wells || 4 Months

Saturday, December 13, 2014

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  • Chronological Age: 4 Months 
  • Corrected Age: 1 Month 14 days
  • Weight: As of this past week he was 11lbs 3oz, which is almost on the growth scale for a full term 4 month old! What?! 
  • Height/Length: We haven't gotten an updated height but I am sure he is longer than 21.5 inches. 
  • Size: He is wearing only 3 month clothes. Some brands are still too big/long but for the most part 3 months it is! He is in size 1 diapers.
  • Eating: He is eating 120ml (4oz) typically every 3-4 hours. 
  • Sleeping: At night he had started sleeping for some really good 5 hr stretches! Hello, more sleep for Mommy & Daddy!! He still sleeps really well in his car seat and just this past weekend slept in his pack-n-play during our trip to Orlando and did great.
  • Likes: Stroller Rides, his Daddy and the television.
  • Dislikes: Tummy time.
  • Milestones: Still holding his head up really well and getting stronger every day. He smiled at me for the first time this month, has started coo-ing and "talking" more, is much more observant and pushes up on his legs if you hold him up right. 
  • Other things that happened this month: Celebrated Thanksgiving, got his first Christmas tree, attended his first parade, traveled out of town for the first time, enrolled him in "school", got to meet more family members and started our #averymerrydayton Christmas countdown
 photo 4Months_zpscf2e2c32.jpg
2 Months to 4 Months. Time, please slow down.

And for a smile...two outtakes from our 4 month pictures. He sure is cute but doesn't make picture taking very easy on me!

 photo IMG_0301_zpsfa4377ab.jpg

 photo IMG_02962_zpscd63b924.jpg

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