NICU Week 2

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On Wednesday, (Day 8 in the NICU) Dayton needed more blood work so an IV was put in and the decision was made to keep it in until it needed to come out (usually about 7 days). This would prevent them having to re-stick him should they need more blood work during the next week. I spent most of the day at the hospital, Aunt Lindsay visited that afternoon & Jason got to hold D for close to hour that evening. The nurse practitioner, Jessica, said that everything was looking "perfect".

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Day 9 brought great news! He was finally OVER his birth weight! Tipping the scales at 2lbs 15oz! Feedings were increased to 13ccs, we received a report that his first brain scan was CLEAR and showed no active brain bleeds & all of his viral scans came back negative! Dr Holt ordered more tummy time & said overall Dayton was improving daily!

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On Friday (Day 10), Dayton's weight was 3lbs 1oz! Yay for hitting the 3lbs mark! We were so proud of our little fighter! He was able to start taking 15cc of breastmilk every 3 hours, his niv-nava was turned down to 1 liter & the staff planed to start gradually decreased the humidity levels in his isolette. One step closer to being in an open air crib!

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Day 11 was HUGE! They were able to move Dayton from the Niv Nava to a regular oxygen cannula and although he had a pretty fussy morning, Jason and I both were able to offer kangaroo care for about 45 minutes each! We loved getting to see more of his face now that the bulky niv nava was gone!

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On Saturday (Day 12) Dayton's "suite" was upgraded to a less advance isolette since he did so great over night off the niv nava. On top of that his oxygen levels were so good that they were able to lower the flow in his cannula to 3!

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 Monday (Day 13) started a new week! We kicked it off with lots of great news and progress! He started the week weighing in at 3lbs 1.3oz and his oxygen flow was down to 2.5! Grandma visited that afternoon and was able to hold him for the first time! Dayton and I did kangaroo care for a long time that evening before I went home for the night.

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Tuesday (Day 14) Dayton lost 20gs (less than 1oz) overnight so he started the day at 3lbs 0.6oz.. They increased his feedings to 21ccs and oxygen flow was decreased to 1.7. Overall he was still doing really well. Jason and I were getting much comfortable with holding him & helping with his care, as much as we could.

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