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Friday, August 8, 2014

On Tuesday, July 22, I woke up just before 6am. I got out of bed to use the restroom and as soon as I stood up my water broke. I was a little confused at first and wasn't totally sure what was happening. I woke Jason up and told him I thought we needed to go to the hospital. As time went by I started to panic because I wasn't really sure what to do, what to pack or even what to think, after all I was only 26 weeks and totally not prepared! Around 6:30 we called our families and told them we were headed to the hospital.

We arrived in triage just before 7am. I wasn't in any pain and from what I could tell I wasn't having any contractions. Thankfully, my doctor saw my name pop up in the system, so even though he wasn't on call that day, he came over to see me. The nurses got me hooked up to the monitors and confirmed I wasn't having any contractions. I then had an ultrasound and exam which confirmed that my water did, in fact, break, that I wasn't dilated, that my cerclage was still in place and that, thankfully, Dayton was doing fine. Before being moved to a labor and delivery room, I was given the first of two (very painful!) steroid shots to help boost Dayton's lung development.

Once we were over in Labor and Delivery they got an IV started and in addition to basic fluids, they began giving me a heavy does of magnesium. The magnesium is another booster, like the steroids, but is for the baby's brain and neurological development. Coincidentally, it can also aid in slowing down contractions if any were to start. The downside to the magnesium is that it made me feel horrible with strong flu like symptoms.

That afternoon, Dr. Hume (the Maternal-Fetal/High Risk Dr) and Dr. Holt (the hospitals Neonatologist) met with us to evaluate the baby and also lay out a plan for my delivery and Dayton's care immediately following his arrival. Since he is breech, I was told that I will have a c-section when the time comes. Dayton will be taken directly to the NICU. Along, with Dr. Dixon (my OB) they all agreed that waiting this out and continuing to monitor things was the best plan vs. inducing labor.  They made it clear that we needed to get as many days as possible under our belt, before Dayton's arrival.

The next day, Wednesday, July 23rd, I woke up feeling really, really bad but once the dose of magnesium was complete, I started feeling much better. That afternoon, after receiving my second steroid shot, I was stable enough to move the Antenatal Care Unit.

The following are updates we sent to our Family & Friends:

July 23rd {DAY 2}
I wanted to give everyone an updated on our wait for Baby Dayton. After a long 24 hours (plus), we are now comfortable in the ACU (Antenantal Care Unit) just one step out of labor and delivery. We were moved to room 361 in the ACU late today, after Dayton received all the necessary "boosters" (i.e. steroids for lung development and magnesium for brain/neurological health) and we were able to remain stable, with no contractions. We will be here until Dayton arrives. Unfortunately The magnesium gave me strong flu like symptoms and with the flurry of medical staff in and out, it was a long night with very little sleep for both Jason and myself. Thankfully, we are finally settled but Its been long 24 hours to say the least.

Dayton is currently 26 weeks, 2 days old and weights between 1.5-2lbs (perfect for his gestational age). He is very healthy and has a strong heat rate, so as of now, even though my water has broken, our team (my OB, the Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr and the Neonatologist) have all decided to wait things out as the environment inside is till slightly better than out. We are all prepared for it to be 4 hrs, 4 days or even 4 weeks....there is no real telling. Realistically, most of our team estimates he will arrive within the week but we might get lucky and can keep him in longer. For now, as long as Dayton is not under any stress, there is no sign of infection and I do not go into active labor (contractions), we will continue to monitor him and wait. They say for every day that we can keep him in = 3 days less he should spend in the NICU after arrival.

 We cannot say how thankful we are for everyone that has kept us in their thoughts. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing support system who, without we would be lost. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers, but ESPECIALLY our sweet baby boy and our incredible doctors who continue to amaze us with with their intelligence, compassion and support.

July 27th {DAY 6}
We are just wrapping up day number 6 here in the hospital. My last update mentioned that, on Wednesday, we had been moved out of labor and delivery to the ACU, however after just one night in ACU we were back in L&D where we spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday night on 24hr monitoring due to baby's heart rate decelerations. That said, late today (Sunday) we were moved, yet again, back to ACU. Apparently this is the roller coaster you go on when in this situation. Baby Dayton is still hanging in there and doing well. We've been able to maintain a steady heart rate the last 24 hours and stop any contractions for now, so we are thankful he is having the chance to keep growing. Please pray this continues. Besides lack of sleep, Jason and I are holding up well and had lots of visitors over the weekend. Thanks for all the calls, emails, visits and texts! Even if we haven't had a chance to respond, please know that we couldn't do this without each one and they are all very much appreciated. It's been week (where has the time gone?) since my last email, so I thought I would send a quick update. The old saying is true - No News is Good News!

August 4th {Day 14}
We are starting day 14 here at TMH and things are pretty quiet and calm. Since being moved back to ACU last weekend, Dayton has been doing great. His heartrate is still monitored every few hours and, while his fluid is still pretty low, he seems to be hanging on. Of course, I will be here until he arrives, so I've been trying to make the best of it. That being said, 14 days confined to a hosptial room is emotionally and physically exhausting. I am allowed to venture around the halls, via wheelchair, from time to time, so that helps with my sanity! In all honesty, we feel so blessed to have outlasted the statistics (and even some of our Dr's predictions) and made it this long. Only 5% of people make it past 7 days so we know how lucky we are to have made it 2 weeks. This week Baby Dayton will be 28 weeks, which is HUGE milestone for his development! My doctor is on vacation until this coming Saturday, so here's to hoping we are still hanging in there when he returns! Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers! Slowly but surely we are fighting our way towards a safe, healthy and PERFECT arrival for Dayton!

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