How to Survive Bed Rest during Pregnancy

Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Survive Bed Rest During Pregnancy
Being placed on bed rest at any time during your pregnancy can be very difficult both physically and emotionally. Finding ways to pass the time and keep your sanity are very important for both your and your baby's well being. I've put together 10 tips that have helped me during my time in bed. As always, remember to follow your doctor's orders carefully.

1. Stick to some type of Schedule
Sticking to a (modified) schedule has been super important and has really helped me still feel some what normal every day. I try to wake up relatively about the same time everyday, eat breakfast (prepared by my sweet husband), shower and get dressed before getting back into bed. I try to make a plan each Monday for what I am going to work on each day that week, so that I can keep up with work things, baby things and still feel organized. It's easy to loose track of time watching TV or reading so I try to schedule time each day for those things.

2. Blog (or Journal)
While it might feel like you don't have much to write about these days, blogging or journaling can really be therapeutic. Document things you been meaning to but haven't had the time , share your bed rest journey or write letters to your baby. I created an email address for Dayton and will occasionally send him emails. If you aren't a blogger yourself you can still join the blogging community by reading and commenting on other people's blogs.

3. Make Lists
I have always been a list maker and being on bed rest only gives me more reason to step up my list making game. Whether it's making a grocery list, a simple "honey do" list, a list of things I need brought to the bed side, or things I want to accomplish, writing it all down helps me stay focused and allows me to feel like I am contributing something to the household. We've been so lucky in that we've been showered with well wishes and offers from friends and family to help or bring things by, so having a list of things we need makes it easy to receive help. It's much easier to have a list to reference than it is to think of things you need on the spot.

4. Plan for Baby
Things like registering (which thankfully can be done online!), researching child care, writing a birth plan, finding a pediatrician or finding the perfect coming home outfit there is plenty to accomplish before baby makes his debut. Use this time to get organized! My baby binder has come in super handy!

5. Stay Connected
There really is nothing more isolating than being stuck in your home (let alone in your bed!) while life outside goes on as normal. Missing nights out, trips, celebrations or lunch dates can really take a toll on your emotional well being. It's so important to stay connected to friends and family. Remember, though, that while you seem to have nothing but time on your hands others might be busy so take advantage of their offers to visits and phone calls when you can.

6. Work from Home
If your job is flexible and allows you to work from it! Of course, remember that you are on bed rest after all, so don't overload or over extend yourself by taking on more work than you can/should. Thankfully a huge part of my job I can do simply with access to the internet. After a few days of getting set up with everything I need at home, I've been able to keep up with a lot of my daily work tasks from the bed.

7. Subscribe to Netflix
Two words. Life Changer. We would seriously go broke if we had to pay for every TV show or movie  I've watched. Nothing is better than being able to stream whatever, whenever and only having to pay a minimal monthly fee.

8. Change the Scenery
Most of the time I lay in our bed but for meals or when we have guests over, I will move to the couch.  Also, if I am having a bad day, can't get comfortable or am restless, I will move to the couch for a period of time. After the first few days of bed rest, I quickly realized that a minor change of scenery can really help you keep your sanity. It also helps with the general aches and pains you can get from staying put for too long. Opening the blinds each morning or occasionally opening a window (when it isn't not too hot outside) are both little things you can do to change things up a little.

9. Online Shop (but be reasonable!)
This one can be dangerous but lots of fun! If you're like me, then most of your online shopping will be for the baby or for nursery items, but it is nice to treat yourself every now and then. After all, it's hard work being being stuck on bed rest!

10.  Keep focused on the Baby
Whether you're on bed rest for one week or twenty (like me), it's hard! Remind yourself daily that it's all for a really good reason! Your baby needs more time to grow and the best thing you can do for him is to allow him to do just that! It'll be worth it in the end!

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