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Friday, May 23, 2014

We've had names for our baby chosen for a fairly long time. We knew that we wanted something that wasn't very common (but not too unusual) and that we wanted to somehow incorporate either a family name. We are so happy to announce that our baby boy's name is.....
 photo 2e5a3f65-2260-4cbe-bd55-d294b07e0dab_zps69f40a2f.jpg

We chose Dayton because Jason was born in Dayton, Ohio and Wells because it is the middle name of both Jason's father and grandfather. We are so in love with both our little man and his sweet name!

The meaning of the name Dayton is "Bright & Sunny Town" and is of English origin.
The name Dayton was most popular in 2008 (#486) and is currently ranked #603 in US Births.

 The meaning of the name Wells is "From the Well" and is of English origin (originally an English Surname).

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