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Friday, May 16, 2014

I had a check up with my Dr on Wednesday! Everything looked great with #babybench! I met one of the other Dr.s in the practice and I really liked him! Since you never know who will be there when the time comes to deliver the baby, it's nice to feel comfortable with Dr.s other than your own! We had thought for weeks that we would be finding out the gender of the baby at this appointment but on a last minute whim I thought to call and just make sure that they had an ultrasound scheduled. When the nurse told me they didn't I was so disappointed. I told Jason he really didn't need to come to the appointment because it was going to be a quick check up. Needless to say, the when the doctor wheeled in a portable ultrasound machine I was shocked! I was texting Jason like crazy because I just knew the doctor was going to check for the gender! Eeek!

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Since Jason was not at my appointment with me, I did not want to find out the gender all alone, so I let the Dr know and he was great at telling me when it was "safe" to look at the monitor and when to should look away. He didn't want to spoil the surprise but also wanted me to have a chance to see my sweet baby! He was kindly put his determination in an envelope and sealed it shut so that Jason and I could be surprised later, together.  Having that envelope in my possession was so hard! I knew I wasn't going to peek but just for safe measure, I handed it off to my sister for safe keeping for the remainder of the day! I gave her permission to open it on the terms that she wouldn't tell anyone!

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three. THE BOX!
My sister was so sweet to put together a fun little box for Jason and I to open together at home! I was so nervous and stopped Jason 4 times before finally letting him open the dang thing! Boy or Girl? We were about to know.....

 photo photo35_zps147e5bb7.jpg

four. IT'S A....
 photo photo43_zps16e0e95f.jpg

We are over the moon excited that #babybench is a GIRL!

When we found out last minute that we "weren't getting an ultrasound on Wednesday" we scheduled an appointment at a local place that does fun 2D/3D/4D ultrasounds and gender determinations. We invited my family to join us and thought it would be fun to all find out together. Fast forward to today and even though we already found out, we kept the appointment and will get to see #babygirlbench today at 5:30! This will also give us confirmation that the determination on Wednesday is, indeed, correct! Hoping for no surprises, but you never know!!

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  1. Congrats on your precious baby girl! Let the shopping begin!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! A little princess to spoil. It's sweet that you kept the appointment to experience with your family. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Sun-Kissed Peony


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