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Friday, February 14, 2014

We did our 3rd (and most likely last, at least for a while, IUI on February 4th and thus began the torturous 10-14 day wait, before we could (or should) take a test and  know for sure if it had or had not worked.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day and we had planned to spend the night at home, grill something for dinner and just relax. After crying to Jason earlier in the day, because I "just knew the IUI had not worked" I decided to take a test to be sure and calm my nerves. He insisted I wait another couple days but I couldn't and decided not to tell him I was taking the test.

When it came back positive I was seriously in shock and had a hard time not running into the kitchen to tell him. I knew I wanted to tell him in a cute way, so I had to quickly throw together a way to share the news. I grab some of our existing valentine's day decorations and filled a mini mailbox with a onesie that I already had stored away & the pregnancy test. We were just sitting down to dinner when I asked him if he wanted to open his gift. He was a little irritated because we don't typically do gifts, per say, on Valentine's Day but he agreed to go ahead and open it (I am sure feeling bad because he didn't get me anything).

I grabbed the camera and filmed his response and honestly, it was better than I could have imagined!

We decided to go ahead and share the news with our families since most of them would be curious in the coming days anyway. I had a breakfast planned the following morning with some of my family, so we put together a little video to share the news with everyone. It was so fun to watch their reactions and to celebrate all together. We emailed this video to the rest of our friends and family to share the news with those that aren't in Tallahassee.

Such an exciting time in our lives!

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