Balloon Birthday

Monday, August 12, 2013

On June 15th, we celebrated my niece's 1st birthday! I had so much fun planning and designing this party! We wanted to make it girly and fun but not to theme-y, so we chose a simple balloon theme and it turned out so cute!
 photo icm_fullxfull_27122693_mwnhr4ar7lwgkksg88c82_zps5db0ccd3.jpg
 photo Leightons1stBday_zps198615ba.jpg
 photo Leightons1stBday1_zps95e361ac.jpg
 photo IMG_9048_zpsb4977959.jpg
 photo IMG_9020_zpsd018b8b4.jpg
 photo IMG_9018_zps3afe824c.jpg
 photo IMG_9051_zpsec5501c6.jpg
 photo IMG_9056_zps89e2b483.jpg
 photo IMG_9058_zps1726d488.jpg
 photo IMG_9061_zps342a5c28.jpg
 photo IMG_9065_zps99326405.jpg
 photo IMG_9066_zps9d8bb2ce.jpg
 photo IMG_9072_zps4e2493bb.jpg
 photo IMG_9073_zps6e7e2196.jpg
 photo IMG_9076_zps94ac3eef.jpg
 photo IMG_9077_zpsd4ad9a40.jpg
 photo IMG_9043_zps6d560e17.jpg
 photo IMG_9081_zpsb837dbef.jpg
 photo IMG_9092_zps2ed453fb.jpg

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