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Sunday, March 24, 2013

First off, hello new blog followers and hello Spring time! I am so glad you are both here! March 21st could not have come fast enough and I can't wait for everything this Spring will be bringing our way!
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Between my birthday (this Wednesday!), our 3rd anniversary (next Wednesday), an upcoming Jewelry Party I am hosting and a crazy amount of work events, the next few weeks are going to be busy! Since it seems like forever since I sat down and blogged,  I will do my best to get caught up.

The last six weeks have been crazy, to say the least! I started a new job that I absolutely love! While it has been a big adjustment getting used to the early morning and late nights, getting to work at such a beautiful place makes it pretty hard to complain!

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(The view from my "office")
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(The White Ballroom- swoon!)
My second week, we were presented with the "Hunting Lodge of the Year" award from Sporting Classics Magazine! It was a great honor for everyone!
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Jason's work has been equally as crazy! Running golf tournament after golf tournament, while dealing with all the rain we've been getting, has kept him busy! As busy as he is, he is enjoying his new position and doing a great job!
Finding time for anything outside of work is becoming increasingly difficult, but we are squeezing in time for fun when we can. Back at the end of February, we went to the Zac Brown Band concert! We had a great time & really enjoyed the extra time we got to spend with friends! 
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The following week, Jason & the guys hit the road for New Symrna Beach for the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience!! They had a great time!

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Two weekends ago, I hit the beach for a short overnight stay with my family! Jason was able to join us for a few hours on Saturday. Being back in the sunshine and relaxing on the beach made us miss living on the Coast.

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The past weekend was spent at the ballpark for the Georgia Tech vs. Florida State baseball series. My family was in town for the weekend so, as usual, it was fun to catch up and spend time with them! The series started with a double header on Friday. I was able to make both games & Jason made the second one. Unfortunately, we both missed the final game of the series on Sunday, because of work. All in all it was a great weekend!

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In other random news:
 Puppies has had a rough week. He went in about 4 weeks ago for a hair cut and subsequently ended up with an infection on his face from a small cut. While we can't be 100% sure it was from the groomer, the vet seemed to think so! Needless to say, we might be finding a new groomer. After a few doses of steroids, a round of antibiotics and a few days in the dreaded cone, he seems to be back to his normal self.
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Last week, I had a few meetings downtown and ended up going to the Capital to sit in on the House of Representative Chamber session. I haven't been to the Capital in years (since high school) and actually have never been during session.  It was pretty cool!
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We are all moved into our new house! We just a few more boxes to unpack and some decorating to do and we will be all settled in!

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Since moving in, we've even managed to get out the Easter decorations!
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And last but not least, Babies is growing like a weed and is officially eating real food! Eli and I are still finding cheerios from her visit yesterday!
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Whew! I think that catches us up!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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