Beach Baby

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I love being an Aunt and I love take pictures. I also love the beach.
Taking pictures of my beautiful little niece at the beach is like perfect trifecta.

 photo IMG_8579_zps36e7edbc.jpg

 photo IMG_8600_zpsd9b32954.jpg

 photo IMG_8602_zps22cc084f.jpg

 photo IMG_8607_zpsf92424ad.jpg

 photo IMG_8696_zps8e98b5a7.jpg

 photo IMG_8709_zps88c7eab9.jpg

 photo IMG_8715_zps54269521.jpg

 photo IMG_8727_zps7fcfefa0.jpg

 photo IMG_8761_zpsb54f5e4f.jpg

 photo IMG_8769_zps9b19288f.jpg

 photo IMG_8776_zps37ad81d9.jpg

 photo IMG_8794_zps53589a4b.jpg

 photo IMG_8781_zps3040e234.jpg

 photo IMG_8815_zps9082800c.jpg

 photo IMG_8801_zpsca1369fe.jpg

And because every photo shoot produces a few "outtakes", I figured I would share those too!

 photo IMG_8591_zps15816fe7.jpg

 photo IMG_8813_zps6fa4121c.jpg

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