Ski Slope Love Story

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's the first day of February & it's Friday! How awesome!
Let's kick off the month with a short story about the beginning ofour love story, shall we?

The very first trip Jason and I took together was to Banner Elk,NC with some friends. We snowboarded for a few days, did a little sight seeingand rang in the New Year with fireworks on the side of the mountain. Since weboth love to snowboard, the trip was a great way for us to do somethingtogether that we both love and gave us a chance to spend some time getting toknow each other a little better (we'd only been dating for a few months at thetime). The trip was a blast and I think we both quickly realized that we have alot of fun together!

We've been having fun ever since!

 photo 015_zpsd644416a-1.jpg
{Bahamas 2007}

 photo Honeymoon-StLucia087_zps9de6cfbf.jpg
{St. Lucia 2010}

 photo 017_17_zps1fb2824c-1.jpg
{Mexico 2010}

 photo NewYorkNov2011003_zps09655253-1.jpg
{New York 2011}
In honor of our that frist trip we took, I am linking up today with {av} for Friday Fancies. I put together twolooks…one for hitting the slopes and one for apr├Ęs-ski! Seriously, you can’tspend a day on the slopes without following it with some drinks,dancing & socializing!

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  1. Such a sweet night! Your wedding photo is beautiful! And I love the name of your blog.
    Looking forward to following.


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