Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So are you feeling the love around here these days? February will do that to ya!
How about an update on someone that is pretty Lovable?

One of the best....okay maybe THE best thing about being back in Tallahassee is that I get to spend lots of time with a very sweet 7 month old! We've been having a blast watching Leighton grow into such a happy little girl! She sure does have a lot of personality and is so much fun these days!

 photo Jan20132_zpsd72d721d.jpg
 photo IMG_3452_zps4ec3a8f4.jpg  photo IMG_3565_zps7bc4bc76.jpg
Little Miss even stayed up to watch the Super Bowl with us!
 photo IMG_3517_zpsb7a51915.jpg  photo IMG_3518_zps20539306.jpg
I probably hold her a little to much, sing too many rediculous songs to her & take way too many pictures of her, but thats ok...Aunts are supposed to spoil their nieces, right??

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