Halloween Traditions

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I've always loved Halloween. It is actually my favorite Holiday.  
For many years we lived in a neighborhood that was perfect for Trick or Treating. Our street was a large circle full of other kids, which always made for a great time. Many of our neighbors went all out decorating their yards. The people that lived across the street from us, owned a funeral home and typically filled their yard with real coffins & had people lay in them. Kinda creepy now, but as I kid it was terrifying! so much fun!  It was such a festive time in the neighborhood and I hope one day my children can live in a neighborhood that's as much fun.
Before heading out each Halloween night (typically on a hay ride with friends) we always had Chili. My mom makes the BEST chili and it sort of became a tradition. Actually, I reconnected with a childhood friend a few years ago and she distinctly remembered Halloween's at our house & my mom's chili. I hope to carry on that tradition!
In addition to making Chili each year,  my mom always made our costumes, which I love, because they were always unique. I don't think we ever wore store bought costume.
Anyways, how about some costume cutness?
{Ballerina - I am not 100% sure this is from Halloween, but is cute nonetheless.}
{My Sister and I, both as Pippi Longstocking!!}
{Clown - this one is interesting because I am actually terrified of clowns, to this day.}
{California Raisin -I was actually a California Raisin for 4 of 5 years. The costume changed each year but was made first from a garbage bag stuffed with newspaper.}
After a being a raisin for way too long, I was the Queen of Hearts, which I believe was the last year I dressed up and actually went Trick or Treating. 
After that, I didnt dress up until I was in college.  some of those "costumes" are not appropriate to share on the blog so I'll just move along and share some pictures of my cute hubby.
I would have to believe these pictures are from Halloween, but if not, he is still so cute dressed up.
I can't wait to see pictures of all my friend's little ones dressed up this year!
So far, I have seen pictures of Tracy's super cute little Pumpkins (and later as a Princess & a Dragon :)
Have a spook-tacular Halloween!


  1. JB looks so happy - he is always so cooperative! Got to love him!


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