Finally Friday

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hola!! I am soooooo happy it's Friday!

 Just a few hours of work today then three whole days OFF and I can't freaking wait! Not only is three days of no working simply amazing, I get to spend those three days with this little one....

Can't wait to snuggle and kiss on that sweet face!

In other news.

Linking up today for Friday Fancies.
I am not a huge fan of gingham, but I have put together a look that I think I would be ok with, if it mysteriously ended up in my closet. I love the color of this dress! Perfect for us Florida girls who love the fall and fall colors, but still need something cool enough to wear on HOT fall days...yes, our fall days can be HOT!

Cheers & Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm loving this outfit! Fantastic choices! :)

  2. i'm loving the dress it would be perfect for any summer event.

  3. Ok, the first quote just had me laughing real hard. LOL
    And yes, I am in love with that dress and the bag. WOW. Good one!


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