Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are trying to soak up every last minute of summer, as we are slowing creeping into fall!
While I am excited for Football season and everything else about fall, I would be less than honest if I say that I won't miss summer!
This weekend, after working a long day on Saturday, we spent our Sunday moring & afternoon doing something fun!

Our days on the water are usually the same....
Jason does some fishing, while I "house hunt" and get my photography fix!
Of course, we both enjoy a few cold beverages. :)

What's a day on the water without some Budlight lime?

My favorite house! I mean, who doesnt love a tourqoise house? If I ever own a beach house, or any house on the water, you can bet it'll be painted a fun bright color like this one.

And look! Part of our new neighborhood!
Unfortunately, our trip this weekend didn't end too well. We got off the water just in time before the rain made it's way to Palm Coast!
Yikes! Pulling the boat home in this, was not fun!
The rest of the weekend consisted of meeting with the movers about next week's move, grocery shopping, haircut (for Jason), address changing, transferring utilities and cable/internet and packing! Fun fun!

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  1. How much fun being on the boat and enjoying the sun! I would definitely not like to pull a boat in that weather though!


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