We're Boating

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer is officially here and we've been spending as much time as possible taking in "beach life". There is nothing that can compare to living in a small beach town!

Living in Palm Coast means we have easy access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercoastal. It's a win-win most of the time! While we love the beach, we've found that, whether we are boating or fishing, we enjoy spending most of our time on the Intercoastal.   For one, it's a lot more relaxing and there is a whole lot more to look at and two, a pontoon boat is not the best boat to take in the ocean.

Bonnie (Jason's Mom) and Jay (her husband) joined us for the maiden voyage!

Since Jason is the boat "Captain", he handles everything that has to do with getting the boat in (and out of) the water.
I am in charge of making sure the boat is stocked with the whole kitchen sink, cold drinks, towels, sunbscreen, etc., etc., etc.

Kelbe and Sean visited over Memorial Day weekend, so they joined us for our second trip out! In additon to all the crap we already bring, we loaded an extra cooler, the boys stocked up on bait and fishing supplies, we made ice cold bloody mary's and set out for a long day on the water. It was a blast!

Sadly, the following few weekend have looked a lot more like this....

After Tropical Storm Beryl came through, we've had days and days of rain. We are so ready for the sun to shine again!


  1. that boating trip looks so relaxing. i love the east coast! don't forget my giveaway ends tonight :)

  2. What fun boat trips! Isn't it funny how much stuff we always take on the boat and how little we actually use (or at least that is the way it goes with me!)


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