Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last weekend, we spent 3 days in Gainsville, Florida watching baseball and cheering on the Yellow Jackets.
It was a beautiful weekend, but is was HOT!
They say the Gator's have one of the hottest stadiums in the SEC (no shade!) and I would have to agree. Thankfully, we got some cloud cover and a cool breeze during some of the games.
Here's the run down from the weekend...

Friday night GT beat College of Charleston.
Saturday GT lost to Florida
Sunday GT beat College of Charleston (again.)
Sunday Night GT lost to Florida (again!)

Even though GT didn't make it to the super-regional and the Gator's did (boooooooo!) we had a great weekend and it was fun to be out of Palm Coast for a few days.


  1. These are really nice pictures. :)
    Heck any pictures with baseball players in it is really nice!!

  2. How fun! We love to go to baseball games as well!


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