Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am really glad for the short week, because I just can't seem to come out of weekend mode.
I guess living at the beach can do that to you. Life is rough, eh?
The truth is, we have been squeezing every last bit of fun out of our days "off".
Things at work have began to slow down for Jason, the boat is water ready after it's tune up, our little beach town of Flagler Beach is buzzing with vacationers and all other things seem to be falling perfectly into place.
Don't you just love when life moves along so effortlessly? I do.
Honestly, letting life move along effortlessly actually does take some effort. Funny how that works, huh?
A few weeks ago I found myself a little burnt out on "everyday life" and decided that, while I knew I couldn't quit my job and would never be able to give up my blogging, facebooking, tweeting and pinning (gasp! the horror! Ha!), I just needed to do a little refocusing.
I have been trying not to "plan" things to do each day and trying to live a little more carefree. It's hard for me, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I have (purposely) not booked anymore weddings for the summer, I've created a very short mental summer to-do list and have decided to focus more on the important things... like living life a little more. I am talking really living. Soaking up every last morsel of what the good life is about. Fun, laughter, sunshine, love, friends, family, know...the good stuff.
So, with my goal to refocus in mind, we invited family and then friends to town, spent long days on the water, cooked yummy dinners at night, sipped on frozen drinks at beachside bars, played fun card games, listened to new music and honestly, laughed a lot more than we thought we could. Sometimes reconnecting with the important things & people can be so good for your soul.
We had two super fun weekends back to back and I can't wait share.
So, while I work on getting pictures downloaded from my camera and phone, here are some various things I wanted to share with you.
For good measure, I'll also include some things I'm loving these days.
Something you should read.
Something exciting.
Something too sweet for words.
Something that looks like
Something I love but could never keep up.
Something I really really want.
Something I can't get enough of.
Something I am looking forward too.

Happy Freakin' Tuesday, peeps.

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