The Masters Part 1

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earlier this month, Jason and I, both, checked something off out bucket lists. We went to the first round of The Masters at Augusta National!!

First, let me back up and tell you a little about how we got there.
As I have mentioned before, I drive up to Tallahssee every Tuesday for work and usually return to Palm Coast on Fridays.
This particular week I made the 3 hour drive up Tuesday morning, as usual, but made the drive back the very next day. I met up with Jason in Palm Coast around 6 pm on Wednesday. We droppd Eli off for the night at a co-worker's house and hit the road for Hilton Head. Jason's uncle was nice enough to let us crash at his house so that we could break up the drive a bit and also save $$ by not having to get a hotel room.

We arrived in HHI around 11:45 and chatted with Uncle Jan for a bit, before heading off to bed. We were able to get in just a little over 4 hours of sleep.

When the alarm went off at 4:15 it was slightly difficult to get our of bed. We showered, got dressed, thew our stuff in the car, stopped for coffee and hit the road to Augusta.

What I wore (in case you care)...
The Masters 2012

Just about 3 hours later we arrived at Augusta National!
We were able to find parking pretty easily and our drive down Washington Drive was a lot less crowded then we thought it might be. We even got a clear view down Magnolia Lane.

After parking, we made one last phone call (no phones, no cameras allowed inside)to my step-mom, Dawn, who was meeting us with passes and arranged to meet her at the front gate. Dawn and I headed right in. There was no line, no wait to get in which was pretty nice. Jason had to enter through a seperate gate, where he had to show is PGA Card in order to get his credintials. Unfortunately, that process took about 35 minutes, but just to be there, was worth the wait,
Once we were all inside, we picked up our pairings and tee times sheet and set off for the day.
Jason had the day pretty much already planned out, so Dawn and I just kinda tagged along.

To be Continued....

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