Lover's Day 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Since we are apart during the week (I am in Tallahassee and Jason in Palm Coast), we decided to  celebrate Valentine's Day, a day early.

We have been hearing rave reviews about a beach front resturant in Flagler Beach, for a while, and decided that Valentine's day would be the best day to try it out!

(please excuse the horrible lighting in these photos)

Before leaving the house, we exchanged gifts.

 Jason got some candy, a new fishing shirt, a fishing magazine and a gift certificate for guitar lessons.

I got beautiful diamond necklace. :)

After exchanging gifts, we headed over the the beach to eat at Blue!

The resturant is in the Topaz Hotel which is actually in an old house.  The very small lobby was filled with a sorts of things; pictures, bikes, old trinkets and misc items from over the years.

We had a 15 minute wait, so we hung out in the lobby and had a drink.

 We were finally seated at our table in, what seemed like, the original foryer or maybe living room of the original home.

 It literally looked like they moved everything, that was originally in the home, aside and put some tables in. There were only 6 tables in the room, which made it feel a little more intimate. It was almost like you were eating in the dinning room of someone's home.

My view was interesting. I had these dolls staring down at me, which was a little creepy.

 The fire was a nice touch and made it feel very "home-y", but again, the creepy doll by the fireplace was a little too much for me. It honestly felt like we were in a haunted house or a movie scene from the 1920's.

 The food was great and filling! By the time our dinner arrived we were both already stuffed from appetizers, salads, bread and wine!

Overall, our experience was ok. We weren't super impressed with the service, but the food was good and the company was even better :)

After dinner we headed home and spent some much needed time with our little Valentine.

I hope you and your's had a great Lover's day too!

Oh and today....Happy Birthday to my Brother in Law!

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  1. Beautiful necklace!! It looks like you both had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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