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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I got into Palm Coast late on Friday and had a package waiting! I love getting mail and packages.
I was even more excited when I realized it was my Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day mini attachements for my Happy Everything platter :)
I just need a few more and my collection will be full.
This weekend I spent a lot of time checking things off my to-do list.
Just Boring things.
Like finally boxing up my Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decoarations.
The pile has not made it's way past the living room yet, but it is out of the guest room which is wonderful! That room is so clean and de-cluttered now and I love it.
I also finally gathered up all my past invitations, annoucements, programs and cards and created this...
I saw the idea on Pinterest a while ago. I thought I pinned it, but can't seem to find it now.
That reminds me.
I also  just began the huge task of cleaning up and organizing my pinterest boards.
I can't stand having duplicate pins and I have lots of pins that were pinned to the wrong board, making impossible to find later. It's going to take forever, but it's driving me crazy, so it has to be done.
Puppies also got a haircut this weekend.
He was stinky, his nails were long and his face was forever wet (from drinking water), so it was time.
I hate having to have him groomed for two reason, one it is expensive $$$ and two, I love when his hair is long...he is much more cuddle-y.

Before (Profile View)
After (Profile View)
He has turned into such a good little model!

My mom found this vintage recipe / library card box and picked it up for me. I have been looking for a vintage box that I can use to store recipes.
Now I'm in the market for some 3x5 recipe cards and have been checking etsy looking for just the right ones. No luck so far. Suggestions welcomed!
I started a new book this weekend and can't seem to put it down. I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and have read almost everything single book he has written. There isn't one that I didn't love.
The Best of Me has not disappointed! I highly recommend it, if your are looking for a new read.
In other news, I began the daunting task of moving all my online photo galleries over to a new server. It's been a huge pain, but will be so much better in the end. I had been using blogger's default Picasa Web
but it just made me nervous. Sometimes pictures wouldn't load and I was always getting emails about terms and privacy changes...long story short, I decided to move everything. Once it's done, all the links will be back up and running!
It's taking lots of patience of coffee to tackle this project so I got to use my new coffee mug! I found two of them at TJMaxx on clearance for $1.99 each last weekend. They match my Happy Everything platter and I love them.
Lastly, I found this little gem in the dollar bin at target. How cute and so perfect for me and hubs!
I mean seriously, who couldn't use these?

This weekend I also got my tires balanced and rotated and cleaned the whole house (including both bathrooms and all baseboard).

Clearly it was a pretty boring weekend. We slept in, cooked dinner at the house each night and got a lot of things done. I feel rested and ready for the week.

As for today, I am waiting for a Brighthouse tech to arrive to troubleshoot our cable box. You see, I exchanged our cable box (it's been in the fritz) over the weekend and they gave me a brand new one. Well, I brought it home, we got it all hooked up and of course it is having the same issue as the first box. UGH!
I will have to say, the response time for Brighthouse was great! We called last night at 10:30 and they will be here between 10am-12pm this morning!

Later tonight we are heading up to Jacksonville.
At 8pm we will be wasting away....

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  1. OH MY GOSH... so many great things to comment on (because I'm catching up on a weeks worth of your posts!).

    (1) your fur baby is too precious! Jacques-Imo is about to get a good grooming too! I love his little teefies!
    (2) what a great idea with your cards! I am going to have to do that ASAP because I am sick of just shoving them in ziploc bags
    (3) I am so excited about the Liebster award - thanks girl! Love it so much
    (4) I just saw your email to my blonde highlights account... I rarely check that one (I know, I'm bad... I just use it for reply comments on my blog!). Email me at slnoriea@gmail.com... I have that account open all day everyday!

    Hope you have had a great day pretty lady! XOXOXO


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