Pier Picnic

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hubby and I recently discoverd the Granada Pier just south of where we live, near Ormond Beach. A few Saturday's ago, we had picked up subs with plans on eating at the Ruins, but the mosquitos were SOOO bad we had to find another place to picnic.

After driving a short ways toward Ormond Beach, we pulled into the pier parking lot, in seach of a place to sit outside enjoy our subs.

The Granada Pier is a beautiful done walking / fishing pier and park. It is right under the bridge over to Ormond Beach and boasts great views of the intercoastal.

After eating lunch, we walked along the pier for a hour or so, enjoying being outside!

We honestly feel like we dicovered a gem! It is so peaceful and pretty (with the exception of the crazy birds, who like to attack you when you have food) that we have already been back for a fishing adventure...of course, more on that to come!

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  1. Oh darlin, it is SO nice to "meet you"!!! Thank you for visiting my blog, but I realize the fortunate part of all that was that I discovered YOURS!! I actually feel left out that I haven't found you sooner! Where you live loos idyllic - and I see SUN in your pictures! We don't get sun in upstate NY...

    I'm your newest follower (and fan!!) and can't wait to get to know more about you! If you ever feel like doing a guest post, I'd be happy to have you! I think alot of the girls I'm friends with on here would love your blog!

    Have a lovely evening, darlin!!


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