Wednesday Lovelies, Lovelies

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Wednesday, Lovelies and it's time for Wednesday Lovelies!
{See how I did that?}

I couldnt decide whether to link up for....


I just couldnt choose, so I decided to do 1 post :)
{I hope that is not breaking an unspoken  unwritten rule, but if so, someone let me know!}
With all the red and green around, my eyes are missing my beloved pink! To treat myself, I created a whole board last night on Pinterest! Here are some of the lovely things I pinned.

Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest :)

Did I mention, I can not wait for some spring weddings!? They are just around the corner!

and just for cuteness sake...

Oh my word. Have you ever seen anything that cute? For more cuteness, go here. It's ok, you can thank me later!


  1. Such cute pretties here! Off to check your Pinterest and psssst I am a wedding planner too! Fab job huh?! :-)

  2. Loving all that pink!

    Will be getting your package off to you today! YAY!!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend pretty lady! :) XOXO


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