Our Rehearsal Dinner

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My In-Laws hosted our rehearsal dinner in the backyard of the Southwood House
We chose a Golf theme and we had a great time coming up with ideas for the dinner and decorations!

We grew the grass in these tins for a few weeks prior to the dinner and used them to create a mini golf "hole" for each table, using a mini golf flag, a tee and golf ball.

The little white boxes on the tables were white chocolate golf balls. We placed easter grass in each box and rested the chocolate on top.

We opted to have cupcakes at the dinner in lieu of a traditional grooms cake at the reception. We used tooth picks and scrapbook paper to make the little flags we used as toppers.. We used a mix of different cake stands, some stacked on others, to make a display of cupcakes.

We used framed engagement pictures to give the cupcake table a personal feel. 

In addition to the guest tables, we also had a few high top tables with hurricane laterns. The high top tables also had the "sand" colored cloth with a green sash.

Beverage tubs kept the soda, water and beer ice cold.

On the beverage tables we kept the golf theme going with glass canisters full of golf balls. We also had directions to the wedding site for guest to pick up.

For the occasion we broke out our "Golf Waterford".

The food was the best! We had a low country boil and it was a huge hit. There was also salad and corn bread. The caterers did an amazing job, not only on the food, but the display and the service.

Once everyone had eaten, and toasts had been offered, we watched a slideshow of pictures that included pictures of both myself and Jason growing up, as well as a number of pictures of us together. It was sweet and fun to watch!


  1. I love the idea of having an outdoor set up. It looks beautiful!

  2. I LOVE the centerpieces - they look great! :)


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