Ornament Exchange

Friday, December 23, 2011

Last week, I was invited to an Onament exchange with a great group of ladies!

We meet at the wonderful sushi restaurant, Masa and had the best table in the house.

After ordering up our sushi rolls and appitizers, we drew names and started the exchange

Here we all are with our ornaments!

 {Alicia & Emily}
 {Erica & Becca}
 {Kim & Lindsay}
 {Me & Tracy}

My ornament is so cute and perfect for me! It was just my style! I totally lucked out!
It was such a nice night! Now that we have moved, I rarely get to see some of the ladies, so it sure was nice to have a chance to catch up!
It was also the eve of Erica's Birthday so we threw in a little birthday celebration, complete with birthday gifts and cookie cake!

Thanks Tracy, for putting together such a fun night!

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  1. An ornament exchange! That is such a great idea!! Thanks for following my blog :) You have a new follower now! Cute blog!

    <3 Karen from


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