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Friday, December 2, 2011

Today I finally got around to joining other bloggers for a fun blog Challenge. Head over to A Complete Waste of Makeup or Brunch with Amber for more details.

Since I am joining in a few days late late, let's go back and catch up {seems to be my M-O these days, huh?}

Monday, November 28th
Fave Gift Received for Christmas!

My Engagment Ring!
{click here to read the whole story}

Tuesday, November 29th
Fave Holiday Tradition (new or old)!

Is it horrible that we really dont have any? I can't think of ONE thing! I guess when we have little one's {one day} we will need to get on the "let's make this a tradition" train. 

Wednesday, November 30th
Holiday Decorations/Decor!

Lots of our Christmas decorations are either tings we've bought over the last few years or are "hand-me-downs" from family. My mom also likes to give us any golf themed decorations she finds, so that has helped us build a good collection of Christmas decor!  Last year my mom gave me a box of ornaments from when I was a kid and a few other decorations that we had in our house when I was growing up. This year our tree this year is only 3ft tall, so we didnt hang many ornaments on it! A larger tree was just too much work and would take up too much space in our apartment. I hope by this time next year, we are settled into a permanate home and can get a real (and bigger!) tree!

Thursday December 1st 
Favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials!

My favorite is Christmas in Rockefeller Center and especially this year, because we were just there!

And of course, no good Christmas TV Special is complete without a little Michael Buble.

In case you missed the lighting of the tree, here it is for your viewing enjoyment!

Friday, December 2nd
 Ideal Outfit for Christmas/NYE Festivities

Since most of the holiday parties I have to go to this year are casual, I chose a few options for Christmas! As for New Year's Eve...a good excuse to get dressed up right?

Christmas Party Options

New Year's Eve {Dressy}

New Year's Eve {Dressy} by kellybench featuring silver clutches

And there you have it! All caught up in one fell swoop! Now, I have to head over and link up! Join me?

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