Made it!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello from the Big Apple!!

We made it. Safe and sound. Point for hubby. He likes to tell me that he told me so. I didn't really think we wouldn't make it.

We have been going non-stop all day and are now getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.

(I just realized I might not have blogged before that we are actually here for more than just the typical sightseeing stuff. My hubby's step brother is getting married tomorrow!)

Anyway, I am dying to share pics from today but forgot the cord to upload the pictures. FAIL #2. That being said in the interest of not sharing the same stories more than once, I am going to wait until we get home and then will recap the whole trip including pics.

In the mean time, I'll pop in from time to time and share any pics I take on my phone with Instagram.

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