How We Meet & Our Engagement

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How We Met
Jason and I met on August 24, 2006. We have been together every day since then. Jason's roommate at the time, Jeff, was dating my friend Lauren. Lauren called me and asked if I wanted to join them at the beach for the weekend. I agreed, but only on the terms that we all met up before hand to avoid any awkwardness once we got the beach. We decided to meet at Halligans (a local bar) on Thurday night. Jason and I immediately hit it off and "the rest is history".
The beach that weekend was so much fun. We had the best time fishing, boating and relaxing. My grandfather was close to passing away that weekend so it was slightly emotional for me, but Jason was super compassionate and caring the entire time. Something that really made me attracted to him. He shared with me that he hated Disney World. Something that made be second guess the potential for a relationship...JUST KIDDING!

We returned from the beach and Jason's birthday was that Monday. I suprised him at work with Mickey Mouse balloons and cupcakes. I figured since he hated Disney so much that after I embarrassed him at work, if he kept me around, it might be the real deal. He did and it was.
The Proposal
Jason proposed to me on December 24th, 2008. 

He says that he always planned on proposing on Christmas Eve. Someone had other plans. Just a few days before Christmas, I had found out that I unexpectedly needed minor surgery. Not wanting to wait until after the holiday weekend, I scheduled the procedure for the 24th.  Jason sat at the hospital all morning with me and never led on that I was potentially ruining his big plans. Once we got home from the hospital, Jason immediately offered to run to Publix to pick up a few things I needed. Publix was only 3 minutes from our house so he headed out. After an hour or so I realized it was taking a little longer than I would have expected so I called him to find out where he was. Little did I know he was rushing across town to pick up my engagement ring before they closed for the next week!  He quickly offered an excuse that he “missed a turn and end up going to another publix since he didn’t want to turn around and then got caught in traffic and then…” basically he was rambling but I didn’t notice or think anything was suspicious as I was pretty loopy from the pain medication.
He finally got home, and unloaded the groceries. At some point he placed a small black bag under the Christmas tree without me seeing him.  Not too long later, I notice the bag and, being one that can;t wait to open gifts, I begged Jason to let us exchange presents that night and not the following day. I was a little bummed because we were missing Jeff and Debbie’s annual Christmas Eve party, so I figured if we opened presents that night, it would make the night a little better. Little did I know, opening that gift was going to make the night A LOT better.  Jason agreed pretty quickly to let me open my gift.
As I opened the bag and saw the small box I started to get really nervous and tried to give it back to him and suggest we wait until tomorrow….I had a feeling it was an engagement ring and I really wanted the moment to happen, but I suddenly realized I looked like total crap! I had been in bed all day and hadn’t showerd in almost 24 hours! At some point during my inner battle, Jason had gotten off his chair and was on one knee in front of me. He asked me to marry him and at that moment I realized it didn’t care what I looked like, he loved me and I loved him anyway! I said YES!!
We ended up heading out the Christmas Eve party after all. We both wanted to share the good news with everyone. I was on cloud nine and the pain from surgery was the furthest thing from my mind…at least for a little while.
It was the best Christmas Eve of my life and we had so much fun sharing the story with everyone.

Our Engagement Party
Our engagement party was on June 20th.  The party was hosted by my wonderful sister at my grandparents home. It was a night full of great food, great drinks, great friends, great family and some really funny speeches!! It was the best start to the amazing months of celebration.

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  1. Dropping by from Kelly's Korner, and just wanted to say that I love your blog! This post was adorable, especially the part about you turning up on his birthday with much hated Disney balloons! Hahahah! That is totally something I would do!
    Definitely adding you to my Google Reader. :)


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