A Fun Filled Night!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In preperation for our my upcoming move, (Jason's already living in Palm Coast...more on that coming up in a future post), there was lots of fun times to be had and lots of people to see!

About 2 weeks agin, by boss' band, Wilson Dean Band was playing at the 5th Avenue Tap Room. We always have the best time watching them, so we meet up with our the "usuals" and had a fun filled night!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality. it was dark and they were taken with my phone.)

Here are a few clips from the show. Enjoy.

You might remember them from Dally Rally. Here's a clip from that show.

I love good fun music!!


This picture cracks me up!! Typical.

We really are going to miss these guys and nights like this!

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