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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hi! Where have I been? I have been doing absolutely nothing but enjoying SUMMERTIME. I'll try over the next few days to catch you up!

We had a great bar-b-que for the 4th at our house. It's the 3rd year we've done it and I have to say, it gets better every year.

We spent the afternoon in our backyard with good friend, cold beer and a little bit of chicken fried listening to as many American songs as I could find on iTunes.

Poor Little Miss P awoke from a nap to find me with the camera. She quickly let me know she wasnt into it....just yet. I am lovin' this look. 

After giving her some time to adjust to the new enviroment,  she got to take her first photo with "the girls". I wish we had caught her looking at the camera, but we only had one chance at this shot. Not because we had a 4 month old envolved but because the man taking the picture was just as uninterested in the moment as she was.

We really enjoyed having the Byrd family join us this year. Mason is such a little ham and was so much fun. He and Audrey fell in love over watermelon and jello and spent the rest of the night running around playing.

 I retreating inside to plan their wedding. There is no shame in my game. If you don't start early you'll end up missing some important detail. :) Updates and Inspiration boards coming soon.

I loved watching Mason with his big sister, Courtney. It reminded me so much of how much I adored JP when he was this age. Of course, I adore him still today but there is just something so sweet about being the big sister to such a sweet little one who whole heartdly thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread. Soak it up, Court, before you know it he'll be all grown up and you'll never be as cool. :)

Now, with out further adieu, it it with great pleasure that I introduce......ha. I wasnt sure it that was bad luck to finish but seriously, young love. Swoon.

These next two picures crack me up. It proves that the women's need for love and effection begin's early.

As for men......

After fillin' up on watermelon, cheesecake, potato salad and all the other fixin's, we headed down to the lake to claim our spot, set up shop (was it just me or did that rhyme...sort of?) and watch them pop! Ha! I couldnt stop muyself, sorry.

While watching fireworks, Lauren said it best. "This is like the closest you'll get the magic"! I agree and couldnt have said it better myself. They are mysterious, enchanting, beautiful and I dont know about you, but they sure make me proud to be an American. All things MAGICAL!

.....aaaaand then there was this....

This is a highly debated unplanned explosion. I believe something went wrong and I think I was in agreement with others, but with little kids, who are already a little weary of the fireworks ...we did what we were supposed to do.... we oooh'd and ahhh'd, clapped and cheered all the whole looking over out shoulders to see if anyone else was moving a little further back.

Even with the near death experience (Ok, it wasnt that dramatic) we had a great time. We love spending time with friends (especially those we dont see very often)  and it was a great day! It was the perfect way to celebrate our great nation, doing all things American.  Laughing, Eating, Drinking and being FREE.

Now listen to this, enjoy and you can thank me later.

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  1. I die! that is sooooooo cute, especially the ketchup sandwiches. I cracked up so hard I was crying. thanks again Kelly!! I will have to link this to my next post!! lol.....


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